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Ninghai Renzhen Daily-Use Co., Ltd. (Wenbo) is located in Ninghai Town, the moulding and kitchenware center of China. We, Wenbo, developed the 1st model (WB-001) of knife sharpener in 2007. This model was a breakthrough in the industry at that time. This model's great market feedbacks made us know clearly the great needs of knife sharpeners in our daily life. Thus, we decided to engege ourselves into the knife sharpener business. Our mission is to be the most professional supplier of knife sharpeners in China. 


From 2008 to 2009, with the desire to facilitate customers' life, we put forward another portable knife sharpener. Besides for the kitchen needs, we developed 2 models (WB-002/003) of knife sharpeners for outdoor and camping needs. We sell products to army and outdoor tool importers/wholesalers. 


After marketing research, we started to develop a new model, which is multifunctional and suitable for all kinds of blades, like knives, scissors and serrated blades, specially with unique design for humanity usage, and of course at a affordable price. At the end of 2011, we finally finished this model, which is called "1-2-3 miracle knife sharpener". With this model, we cooperate with many supermarket chains, mail order buyers, As Seen On TV customers, etc. Till now, you can find this model hot selling in the USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil, the UK, Germany, France, Finland, Poland and Japan. 


Right now, our factory has developed to 1,600 square meters, with 45 workers, 5 QC members, 3 engineers, and 5 production lines with the production capacity of 300,000pcs per month. We are now ISO9001:2015 and BSCI (DBID: 359326) certified supplier.

Witnessing the miracle 1-2-3 sharpener promotion, we are primarily engaged in the design, development and marketing of the next generation innovative knife sharpener with the basic principle of "Simple to Use and Unique to Own by Everyone".

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In 2015, we used new name "Ninghai Renzhen Daily-Use Co., Ltd./宁海县刃真日用品有限公司"and launched the new brand "seriousharp/刃真", which demonstrates that a new Wenbo has entered into the new era.